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Dear Bioware devs,

I am writing to inform you that your GSF system, sucks. Reasons are as follows:

1: PvP could not possibly be more played out

2: Having arrived no less than a day late to the party, I was consistently raped within three shots by people who I must assume had been playing this beta since before you even thought of it. Did we not all learn our lesson when COD 4 had newbies starting off with an M16A3 with a half second lag in between 3 shot bursts while level 40s got a P90? clearly you are the only company in the gaming universe, that did NOT learn this lesson. This is confoundingly stupid.

3: You know I cant quite put my finger on what these mechanics remind me of... Oh wait thats it. Battlefront 2. Except Battlefront 2 had non retarded spawn systems, rational objectives and DIDN'T have the people who got in earliest, nigh on unbeatable. The only thing I appreciate out of these vaguely warmed over mechanics, is the new targeting. More on that...

4: The targetting. Did you know that space is empty? Did you know there is absolutely no friction in space whatsoever? Do you know where I'm going with this? The laser bolts can't possible have a range of less than 5 kilometres in a frictionless environment. Not when a .50 calibre round out the end of a M98 Barrett is capable of travelling the same distance and still have room to kill, in the friction heavy environment of Earth. I must say that this is the most depressing oversight of all. I learnt that in my introduction to physics class in grade 6. Grow a brain stem to share between the lot of you at the least. Although after mass effect 3 I shouldn't be suprised. But heres some proof that you DID know this, and you were just too stupid to think of it again:

THAT is why we think about our designs! THAT is why you spend more than a fraction of a second thinking about weapon range! THAT is why, dear bioware devs, you do not eyeee ball it!

5: Heres a fantastic idea: Why dont we send in all of our small fighters, one by one in FTL so that we spend about 600 times the money in fuel AND make no sense whatsoever to the players character, repsawning in the middle of space, with a working fighter around them. I could also reference episode 4: a new hope and say: A fighter than size couldn't get this deep into space on its own... Maybe we just got lost? Is that why we were jumping into the battle rather than deploying from a ship? Maybe we were part of a convoy....

Why on earth would we want to put in something rational, like battle front 2 had: Two capital ships in close combat, deploying fighters. This really does hit all the birds with one stone. You will have everyone on equal equipment ground and thus newbies getting completely and utterly raped. You also take care of the rationality of the spawn system by having the character respawn as normal, in the imperial medbay. I can already hear the PVP trolls going off: Since when was PVP about fair? Well for one, you can pick your targets. A level 32 with vastly inferior equipment doesnt unknowingly take on a level 55 with godlike equipment. You kill what you can, where you can and cover your healers. You plant the bomb and interrupt anyone trying to disarm. The most important part of this list that I could just about endlessly list off is that you can pick out someone that you have a good chance of beating. the only way these teamwork elements that are crucial to the enjoyment of PVP can be implemented in GSF, is by... nothing. Not a gosh darned thing. It can't be done with reasonable means.

6: Lack of deathmatch. I understand this is in Beta only and will most likely be implemented later, but I have ZERO interest in playing PVP when people just go off on there own within a couple hundred square killometres of space and asteroids and try to solo everyone. It is a completely unreasonable system that was never ever going to work. For god sakes people are flat out working as a team in standard warzones where they can see all their buddies and enemies and can work together based on what they see, rather than taking a random shot off into space that only travels less than 5 clicks anyway!

Did you even think about the design of this PVP mode? Did you consider posting up a sub-only access poll to ask people what they would like to see in this game mode? or did you jsut decide to completely wing it? Grab some stuff off battlefront 2, leave behind all the good stuff and throw in a darth vader style targeting circle and call it a day? This mode needs to basically be thrown out the window and started from scratch before it earns a shred of my respect. Its only redeeming feature was the targetting circle. The experience of which was promptly destroyed when I was, 15 seconds into my first game by a missle lock that shredded me. Yet my enemies take about 18 of those before they start to get nervous. Ludicrous. Not to mention the ping between me, the server and the other guy meant that most of the shots that should hit, in fact missed. So your only redeeming feature, was shot to hell by an issue that a 6 year old would have been able to pinpoint AND predict: ping.

I've left out all my issues with bugs because its a beta. It was, suprisingly, relatively bug free. Had a couple of people fly through asteroids and some guy randomly appear right in front of me but nothing that makes me anything like as annoyed to be subscribing to the game as the issues above. If you actually take the time the think this over and ask your fans what they want out of it, you might have a very capable and enjoyable PVP system that would be worth subscribing for.