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Are you looking for a mature community to be a part of? Pax Gaming Community may be right for you!

What is the Pax Gaming Community?

Pax Gaming is a collection of community minded members committed to enjoying games of all genres. Within the Pax Gaming Community we have a division for both the Republic (Pax Dominus) and the Empire (Pax Imperius). The community has been around since 2001, and has been experiencing games together ever since. Families come first and this community is like an extended family.

Whatever your play style (PVE, PVP or RP), you will find it within the Pax Gaming Community. Pax Dominus and Pax Imperius hold weekly events in these areas and work with members to improve their skills and get the gear they need to reach their goals in game. RP is encouraged but not required of our members. Both Pax Dominus and Pax Imperius have a rich RP history ranging from the Treaty of Coruscant to the time of Pax within Star Wars Galaxies.

Need a break from SWTOR? We have several divisions within Pax Gaming Community that span several MMOs, tabletop games, shooters, and many more. Though we are a large community, we are very close with our sister divisions and often play together. Since my time in Pax, I am amazed at how many like minded people are within our division. I love this community!

Pax hosts our own server for teamspeak as well as our forums, which are an awesome place to come and hang out discussing your adventure in games, sports, whatever interests you. We have an organized charter that outlines a very simple yet definitive set of rules to maintain the level of community we wish to provide. It outlines our structure, Chain of Command, Rules of Engagement, Codes of Conduct and other guild rules.

In the end our name best describes who and what we are. Pax is a community, above everything else. It is a common phrase for us to state that we recruit the player, not the "toon". Why don't you come and check us out?

Interested in joining? Register for the forum and then go to "New Member Orientation". You'll find a link to "How to Join Pax Gaming" (click here)

Our application process is a two week period where members of the community will interact with you. You'll be given an invitation to the division you are interested in so you can get to know us in game as well. This two week period is here for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We hope that you will find your second home in our company.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on the Pax Gaming forum. I look forward to meeting you!

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