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12.06.2013 , 05:46 PM | #36
Just sent a pile of screenshots. Hopefully "cropped" isn't counted as "touched up". I had a lot of old screenshots that had either dialog or namplates, or the UI wasn't turned off, so i cropped out what i could.

Also, is sending as .rar archive ok? since the instructions said to identify the character name, i grouped them in individual folders by character and then created a single compressed rar file from each folder. If rar is no good i can also zip them or just send a bunch of emails with the actual image files attached, but there is well over 100MB in pictures and i cant send more than 25MB at a time.

***EDIT*** My second message was returned undeliverable! Thanks for letting us know we can't send >20MB at a time! mail server rejected my email. breaking up and resending now...
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