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Thank you very much for GS. It is great. For the second time, I got this big star wars feeling, flying around.

I remember in Dec. 2011 when I got my first lightsaber. Great emotions. And now I got this. Perfect.

Please, build a death star, so that we can destroy it. Oh, I feel to be Luke skywalker. I want it.

Luke: It's not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home, they're not much bigger than two meters.
General Dodonna: Then man your ships. And may the Force be with you.

Thanks for GS.
I agree. For those that say the death star doesn't fit in with the old republic lore etc I still say there are ways around this ie a mission on voss where you see a vision of the future (4000 years) when the death star is blown up or something similar. Not everything has to be taking place in the old republic time (I mean it doesn't exactly mess up our heads that one minute

Do love GS. We need to integrate it better into the rest of swtor now. At the moment it's like a tacked on standalone game. We need to see our characters in the ships, have hangers for our gs ships on our main PVE ships, add crew skill missions to build ship parts and dye packs. Sky's the limit and more