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Our regularly scehduled prompt provider won't be with us today, so we booked a replacement. Appearing now *drum roll*

Week of 12/6/13
Heritage and Antiques---Star Wars is full of special things. Old things. Things with personal meaning, things revered as holy. The lightsaber your father wanted you to have when you were old enough. Your grandmother’s silver (or silver ship) you hope one day to give to your grandchildren. The insignia of your squad’s first commander, the one whose bravery won her (or him) a medal and gave your squad its reputation. The holocron that corrupted (or redeemed) your master. What things, places, or heirlooms are special to your character?

As always, there’s Night of the Living Prompt. Use any prompt you like. See the list here:
This week’s featured NotLP is:
Ceremony---Some of our characters don’t stand on it, for others it is the most important thing. It could be coming of age, marriage, graduation, retirement, or something else. Large and formal, small and casual, secular, religious, cultural, or both. Once in a lifetime, or something that recurs yearly or monthly or daily. Characters participate in many ceremonies during their lives and in various capacities. Write about a special one.