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12.05.2013 , 09:06 AM | #57
You cannot compare X-wing vs tie fighter, a standalone established game that was a fully finished product with GSF which has just been released and will be expanded on. Yes there are tweaks needed to be made and DOMINATION is a lame game mode but this is just the start.

I think most people will say the battle on hoth is probably the most memorable from most star wars games (star wars trilogy arcade, shadows of the empire etc) so imagine there being a 12 v 12 battle like that on hoth or, and I know this is a bit ahead of itself, but perhaps there could be a way of having a ground team with guns fighting against an air team trying to destroy their base (like COD).

One extra thing I would like to see that would tie in the GSF a bit better with the main swtor (as it feels a bit tacked on just now) is the ability to have a hanger for it on your characters ship. A small hanger or something so u can see all the c ustomisations you've made and enter GSF from there too.

Throwing even bigger ideas out it would be cool to have a space battle that takes place during the star wars movie saga. Yeh it's 4000 years in the future but there's ways around that (some sort of vision of the future you see when on voss etc that propels you to the skywalker years)

Just spitballing but as you can see I like this