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A short time makes it fun, but there is nothing which will motivate me long. The same PvP arenas as always, in 3D. Nothing really new. Not even a joystick is supported.

X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter has offered much more fun and better missions over 15 years ago. In multiplayer PvP and demanding missions are possible.

It's only a missed opportunity more in this game.
Two points:
- X-wing vs TIE fighter was a stand alone space shooter, not an extra "free"* add-on to a traditional MMORPG
- The devs have stated that they will add more ships and game modes to GSF

I don't consider it a missed opportunity - yet. As long as Bioware updates it regularly and doesn't let it fall to the wayside we can consider the current version of GSF a pretty good foundation for something bigger and, hopefully, special.

It's current version is rather bare-bones, yes, and it does have a number of issues (I've posted about them a lot and once earlier in this thread), but as long as it receives the attention it needs we should have a very nice "game within the game" in the coming months I really hope it succeeds!

* = Nothing's ever free, hence the quotation marks.