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12.05.2013 , 02:02 AM | #54
I don't get the people who are complaining about GSF. As someone who loves space combat shooters like Wing Commander and X-wing etc I'd have to say it's pretty on par with them.

The speed is about normal for space combat, so you use your thrust sparingly. I like this. Yeah I would happily welcome about a 100% faster speed increase because it adds to the challenge but I wouldn't say the current speed is horrendous. The aiming is also on par with Wing Commander. Aim for the red circle to allow for distance etc. Age old system, I like it. It works for me. The missile lock for the left ship is great. So satisfying to get a lock and let 'er rip .

If there's any improvements I'd like to see it would be that stationary items such as the turrets had a little more indication of where they are. Be it on the map or on the screen itself as, I may be blind but I find myself circling the stations to try and find these turrets because they blend too well in. Also we defo need a cockpit view, that's a BIGGIE

other than that absolutely love this and so excited for the future.