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Both extremely valid in this case tho.

You would get the same reply if you were asking for a first person shooter version of the regular warzones in the style of battlefront.
The answer would be "This game will never be the next battlegrounds" and "Go play battlegrounds when DICE releases it instead".

You cannot dismiss arguments the way you do when they are valid.
everyone has his feature requests, if someone asks for Chat bubbles would you also say "go play Secret World" or if someone likes a day/night cycle on planets "go play WoW"?

So I want some features from SWG but I canīt even go play SWG because you know, shut down to make way for SWTOR.

I still think a decent space sim would fit into this game, more than just a space warzone PvP arena, although itīs fun it is a very limited concept.

So what are YOUR feature requests? Iīll tell you what to "go play"