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Here is my best match

24 kills - 5 assist - no deaths - 92947 damage - medals 14
Hey nice! What do you think of the second scout?
I didn't play with one yet but from playing against a few already, they just didn't feel like too much of a threat. Sure they were annoying as hell with the constant missilespam and the better pilots were hard to get away from, but they almost never even managed to break my shields even if I was just ignoring them and shooting down other enemies.

On top of that they felt like they dropped even faster than the other scouts, but that was probably because they were too busy trying to get missile locks to have the time to dodge

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For the people who submitted their records, what guild are you guys in, is there a specific ship that you use (100% of the time or did you swap ships?).
I'm in a guild called Techno Union and I've been flying with the standard starfighter (F-T6 Rycer) almost all of my games so far.