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12.05.2013 , 12:26 AM | #53
OK ! I have played this a lot for the last 24 hours . its fun for awhile but then what? I truly do not understand who you guys pay in a board room to come up with these ideas and then someone says "that's great! that's just what we need to do !" 1st off Requisition system: there IS indeed already a system in game to barter goods with (its called credits) no need for this at all now we have requisition,fleet requisition,credits,cartel coins,planetary comms....smh. (2): why on earth did you guys not make these ship parts CRAFTABLE???. it might actually give someone the incentive to craft .(3) what incentive do I have to upgrade my ship if when I do I will then just be grouped into a higher brackette with players who have upgraded ? I never get an edge. I may as well just stock pile "requistions" from the get go and never add anything to my ship and just play the newbies that come in . ps does not any of your paid proffesionals working on this game NOT play other mmo's? do you guys really think this is better then other games that have came before it and this requisition system is the best way to go ?? have any of you ever played a little game called SWG ??? not only is this not better than that space game (jump to light speed) it is not even as good as it and this is about 15 years later ...way to push the envelope bioware your team is top notch . I hope you all pat yourselves on the back every afternoon and compliment each other on how awesome you guys are at your job . . PS NO JOYSTICK USE IS FAIL