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This is more memorable stuff I found saved on my pc. Some are 1.5 year old. :l I miss them people...

On topic

A little gathering of "softer" representatives of the dark side:

Hero of Tython is ready to strike a leaping mawvorr in a fierce battle:

Hero striking down the Emperor and approaching to deal a final blow:

Heroes of the Republic (proper, not mismatched clothing):

Enter Darth Imperius:

Darth Stahl, the Emperor's Wrath, stands before rebuilt Kephess, calm and unimpressed. This time he'll make sure that Trandoshan's corpse will never leave Asation:

Extras not included in the e-mail:

Finding a space chessboard -
Party time -
Si vis pacem, para bellum

Traditional Jedi robes please! And then I am gone from general discussion. Promise! :]
Devs, it can't get any more iconic and traditional than this:

Spends 2000 euro on a gaming rig exclusively for TOR to be riddled by graphical issues in TOR. Loving it.