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12.04.2013 , 08:46 AM | #49
Got in last night. Surprisingly had no issues with computer crashes, freezes and the like.

Mouse is just a little too 'floaty' and imprecise at the moment. it's basically the same feel as the space combat that's been around since the beginning.. It's not so much in issue there, but PvP requires much more precise controls. The other complaint is the speed. I can't complain about that much because, well I understand phyiscs. It is difficult to convey going fast over large distances. There's simply a lot of space on these maps. Going to fast also poses a problem in tighter combat. In short I think the speed along with the boost that you can use a lot of the time is about right. I am concerned about being able to come to a dead stop though and the gunship class. It seems it may be far too easy to camp in one protected spot and snipe without repurcussion as more people earn gunships.

Again a lot of people are pooing on this expansion, but for free, hey I'll take it. I think it's the right way to do a starship component in the game is to have set battles like this. A poster earlier said they wanted space exploration. I don't agree that that is what this should have been. Despite being called 'Star' Wars very little of what goes on in the universe goes on in space. When it does, it is typically a battle of some type. If you want space exploration where you can go a do whatever you want, customize your ship, etc., I suggest you go play EVE.