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Now that 2.5 has dropped and BW has given us modifications to use for the Operations Dummy we all know and likely not care to admit we have intimacy issues with, I am going to suggest, hopefully with some thoughtful feedback from the parsing community, that we shift the format from the 5 minute criteria that usually requires some careful trimming to one of time (and dps).

All the rules and restrictions apply from the 2.4 game-wide thread with class buffs, stims/adrenals, and even alt speccing out to gain stacks etc, but we agree to base the criteria on the Basic Health Mod for the Dummy which renders it 1 million HP and the Armor Debuff. From there, we beat the hell out of it until it is 'defeated', record the time it took on Torparse and also the dps and post both. I submit the 1 million version because 1.5 million just seems like it'll take too much time and is superfluous to the same goal.

In other words, how fast can you burn down 1 million health from an operations boss and what is the dps that took you there?

This accomplishes a few things:
-removes parse trimming altogether because combat ends the moment the dummy is defeated
-can be used as an overall competition as well as class based
-utilizes the intended strengths of classes with executes (sub 30% buffs and abilities) for more accurate dps charting; we actually get a more realistic number of a boss encounter this way
-convenient for the thread author and the community, so we don't have to have a bunch of fluffy sub-categories ie. i used the armor debuff but not the health one and vice versa
-1 million health is too fast for 5 mins and 1.5 million is likely too long to have any real sustenance (plus, it's just boring)
-is kind of a fresh take on parsing from the 5 minute thing

A post would look sort of like this:
Noire - Lethality Operative 3/7/36
Time: xx:xx:xxx
Links to Torparse and AMR

Anyway, what do you guys think?
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