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12.04.2013 , 07:27 AM | #48
I like the aspect of free-form space battles. I welcome the update and change. However, I do think this "expansion" which i will use loosely because this is more of a feature update than a true expansion. This didnt add anything to the story, this didnt add anything to player progression so for me this isnt an expansion.

That said, the gameplay is solid for me. I enjoy playing and actually being able to control movement in space battle. I am disappointed that this isnt my main ship (ie. my siths Fury). I guess i misunderstood but I was under the impression this was our ship customization but that minor i suppose. As for as gameplay, I feel as though there will be a highly unfair advantage to though that play this religiously and spend money on their upgrades to those that play this as a break in other areas. I totally understand that others will always be better than most but when it comes to this I can see where many will be turned off when they come and get blown up a dozen times by the same guy that has everything upgraded and cannot be killed.

Still hoping for free control space travel to planets and other ship interaction. Also wish my characters ship could be more customizable.