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I had a problem nobody else seems to have mentioned (or that I could find). Overall the update works fine for me, although it's slower to load now, but I have a problem with the gifted adaptive armor we got for subscribing before Nov 3rd or whenever. 2 of the 4 sets have their textures missing! They show up as what looks like pink silk when I wear them, and when I do the ctrl-Lclick to preview them they show up as tiles saying MISSING. My friend opened his at the same time and his were fine. However, I could not see his, as he was wearing the same one I had with textures missing. Not sure how I can fix this. Also, I have 8 characters and it's the same on all of them. Same set.
That's an issue with your game files, on your own PC. You may need to reinstall. It's possible there's other problems/anomalies that you haven't noticed yet, simply because they appear in small unnoticed areas.

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