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As one of the folks selected to test this in beta, and also someone who is not normally into PvP, I had a blast with it.

Yes the controls are a bit ... clunky... and no you can't remap your pitch axis to be real flight controls, or map to a joystick.

Yes the ships feel slow unless you've lit the turbos (faster ships would be insanely hard to hit, and there's enough terrain/debris around that barreling about at full boost is dangerous anyway).

When you start to understand how everything works, and why you need to manage shield power and save the evade maneuver for when you REALLY need it... it gets rather fun.

My personal accomplishment? surviving an entire battle without getting blown up and NOT finding some place to hide. Scouts are fragile, but they are also agile.

This isn't just something for 'the PvP crowd'. It's for the "I wanna shoot at other ships" crowd, the "I hate the rail shooter space battles" crowd, and the "I roleplay a fighter pilot" crowd.

Yes, it WOULD be cool to be able to use our transport ships in free flight. It would be cool to invite a few friends aboard to man the guns. Perhaps some PvE free flight missions would be nice.

This is not 'epic fail' by any stretch. This is "a good start."
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