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12.03.2013 , 09:55 PM | #39
I think people are just upset because they suck at it. no offense to anyone lol. This expansion is actually Better than i expected. Sure its a little confusing and they could improve/add a few things but cmon guys... you're all saying it sucks so bad but it doesnt. I dont know what you guys mean by "blowing up" either. Crashing into things??? Dunno but the controls are very impressive imo. they couldn't be any easier to use and im playing on a laptop... My first few matches i managed to score about 5 kills 7 assists and 5 deaths in total (decent pilot ) The conversion of requisition to fleet req using cartel coins is pretty cheap. which is a good thing I also like the fact that you have to earn/work for Al your purchases and upgrades. great job avoiding p2w. Only thing I'd say to change is the way we spawn. I find it really strange how we jump out of light speed to spawn. I recommend making it a little more like battlefront where we spawn back in our teams main ship and hop in the ship type of our choice in a hangar. Take off and start the engines on our own and everything too.

To those of you that are upset... practice and actually try.... Not everything can be p2w. not everyone wants p2w. sorry lol but yeah some skill-YES 'SKILL' is required. Google it if u dont know what "skill" is.