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12.03.2013 , 09:00 PM | #37
Wow, I can't believe people can HATE it so much. I mean, fine, not what you expected, not your cup of tea, whatever, get over it. I don't play the kind of game that specializes in this stuff, but it was interesting. Like others say, the controls are pretty whack - customizing will be first order of business, if possible - and if not, they need to get on fixing it so it IS customizable. It would be nice to add PVE to the platform too. I can live without it, but I usually prefer it.

I had a problem nobody else seems to have mentioned (or that I could find). Overall the update works fine for me, although it's slower to load now, but I have a problem with the gifted adaptive armor we got for subscribing before Nov 3rd or whenever. 2 of the 4 sets have their textures missing! They show up as what looks like pink silk when I wear them, and when I do the ctrl-Lclick to preview them they show up as tiles saying MISSING. My friend opened his at the same time and his were fine. However, I could not see his, as he was wearing the same one I had with textures missing. Not sure how I can fix this. Also, I have 8 characters and it's the same on all of them. Same set.
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