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It's far from perfect though! Here are some first impression gripes:
- Now that I've tried it, I feel that native joystick support is a must!
- It doesn't feel as smooth as it should (see Freelancer for a very smooth mouse-controlled space sim)
- I don't like the whole "hold R-mouse to lock misslie" thing - it feels very awkward.

- Needs more game modes! I know they're on their way but I feel that these two maps will get old fast.
couldn't agree more its a great first step but that just it A FIRST STEP we are far of the complete/perfected space pvp, the handling was sluggish, felt like the space mission controls with some add ons,
I think you need to change the whole loop function (A,D keys) with a master key (say shift +A/D=loop) and let the A, D keys be normal turn keys again so that the mouse will only handle targeting.
the missiles relies/targeting needs to be smoother so it fires independently when it get a lock

but other then that its a smooth ride and i expect many great things to come, both in pve and pvp,
beacose this game has virtually unlimited potential and i belive that the ppl who gave me Mass Affect are the ppl who can realize that potential
thank you biowere, now get beck to work