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Some just complain way too much. This is just the beginning of a giant new thing for SWTOR that will only keep making the game bigger and better. I'm surprised some people actually think BioWare will not improve on GS and just leave it as it is.

Relax, sit back and just have some fun on it. You don't need to nitpick everything to death. In the end, you will only make yourself feel horrible because you won't like it. SWTOR was never meant to be a space sim like EVE. Sure, they could put in free space exploration somewhat, in the future but it's not going to be an EVE clone. Sorry for those who want EVE in Star Wars. It's not going to happen.

Good job BioWare with the latest expansion. I am looking forward to more things to come to the game and I believe the game is headed in a completely better path than it was before. Very good

Enjoy yourselves out there!
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