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12.03.2013 , 05:10 PM | #28
I resubbed after 1,5 years just for GS and I'm glad I did - I enjoyed my first few matches! And I didn't encounter any bugs, crashes and the like so far. Thanks Bioware for this expansion

It's far from perfect though! Here are some first impression gripes:
- Now that I've tried it, I feel that native joystick support is a must!
- It doesn't feel as smooth as it should (see Freelancer for a very smooth mouse-controlled space sim)
- I don't like the whole "hold R-mouse to lock misslie" thing - it feels very awkward.
- I am not too fond of the UI - maybe I just need to get more used to it but I don't feel like critical information is being conveyed to me well enough. I need to play some more though before I can come up with more detailed feedback.
- Needs more game modes! I know they're on their way but I feel that these two maps will get old fast.
- I would love a cokpit view personally!

Despite all my gripes I had fun. But I feel that there is huge room for improvement, and hope that BW adds onto GS as quickly as possible because there is the danger that once the novelty wears off people will not bother with it without regular updates and proper attention paid to it.

See you all in my sights