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Updated for patch 2.9.d

Simple question with probably a somewhat complicated answer. What relics to take.
All conclusions are based on latest data and analyses and are subject to change

Player versus Environment:

Slot 1 :
Focused Retribution (MS Proc)

Slot 2:
Proc/Clicky based on playstyle/fight

Serendipitous Assault (Power Proc)

Boundless Ages (Power Click) - This is mathematically a worse choice but can still be used (more information to follow in the playstyle section)

Player versus Player:

Slot 1:
Focused Retribution (MS Proc)

Slot 2:
Serendipitous Assault (Power Proc)


I strongly suggest to get your valour to 40 (doable while levelling) and obtaining the Obroan/Brutaliser proccing relics (Power, MS).
If you are really adverse to getting PvP relics, you can also obtain free Arkanian relics by completing the Oricon story quest but these are inferior to UW.

Main Stat proc are not available at the Underworld or Kell Dragon levels. Again your best bet is Brutaliser relic but you may also gain Arkanian versions via the Oricon quest.

For Clicky, Boundless ages is available at every level of PvE (including crafted Rakata and Campaign/Dread Guard) and mostly you want the highest upgrade, except if you have gotten your DG relic before 2.0, in which case you want to skip Arkanian.


First a few general things. There are no go-to numbers for healers. HPS, EHPS or HPCT are only marginally useful in determining what is BiS and almost useless in comparing the classes. The only thing that comes close is the damage dealt to the raid as a whole that requires healing (and in fact you can deduct PlayerHealth-1 from that as even if everybody ends up at 1 HP, the content has been successfully healed). Then divide it by 2/3/4 to get HPSPH (Heals per second per healer).

Another issue about HPS is that you will never have both healers heal exactly the same way and even if you split the group, your tank and DPS will not take the same amount of damage. Furthermore, as your group learns the fight they will be able to limit damage and thus lowering healing needed.

You do not necessarily want to have healers with very high HPS sustained. Fights vary greatly and often require different amounts of healing at different times. You want healers that work with these changes and know when to burst and when to tend to their resource, idle or even do some damage. Unlike DPS where you are given a damage (HP of boss) and time (enrage) and your team simply has to do the required DPS (this includes tank damage and obviously adds will add to the damage needed), healing is not about doing certain HPS. It is about making sure people do not die.

So what this thread set out to do is finding which relic make that job easier. As a result this led to the following debate.

Proc, Stat or Click?

Perhaps now with the discontinued Boundless Ages relic, this debate is somewhat irrelevant but the principle stands. Originally healers had only click relics to use, then passive stat boosts were added in the for of PvP relics which were great for healers as they increased their power across the board. Finally came the procs, originally in the form of a HoT (which was terrible) and finally in terms of Power and MS increase.

The issue some healers had was the unpredictability of procs. They wanted to have control over their healing and thus opted for the click instead. Others preferred the zero fuss of procs and stat boosts, using Adrenals and cooldowns when needed. Neither approach is wrong. This is why, even now, I cannot say that choosing to use a BA is wrong. I can tell you that it will give you less of an increase over the whole fight but if that is not an issue, you are aware of it and willing to live with it go ahead.

Why do I suggest the procs?

As pointed out healing is not about having the highest HPS. Having said that, the higher you can pump it up the higher is your 'healing potential' which will make healing easier overall and lead to less 'emergencies' where a click relic might have been a better choice. Even if you relics do not proc during the 'emergency' they are likely to proc soon after, making your recovery easier.

The proc relics atm do just that, give you the highest 'healing potential'.

In Closing

I CANNOT tell you that you are healing incorrectly if your raid is surviving (there is of course the issue of how 'tight' the survival is). If you are using completely different relics and having success, that's great! However, I set out to answer what relics are Best in Slot. Having established what I meant by 'Best' I CAN tell you that your choice is only wrong in terms of not giving you the highest 'healing potential'.

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