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I came back to the game because of the new focus on PvP on space and on the ground.
Well all pure PvP MMos died or are dying. And what is BW doing ? A pure Pvp Expansion...good idea...u came back for the new pvp focus, ill unsub if there is no good new pve content in near future. this expansion was very disappointing for me. and the worst of it, it wasted a slot for a real expansion...with real mmo content....

Quote: Originally Posted by Katushe View Post
PVP. Yawwwwnn... What could have been more boring?
the next boring dailyquest hub, where some1 can farm meaningless basic and elite comms would habe been more boring.

Hey BW what about some content for pve players that wont need a group and can be done during nite or morning, and improves ur char ?
crafting = meaningless
pve space combat = meaningless
daily quests = meaningless if u do raiding

all swtor not needed was a pure pvp expansion.

sorry i luv this game, but my time playing but my time playing it seams over....

2.5 still not updated raid finder tells everything
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