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Seems some of you havent played on the open PTS weekends or havent read up on what Galactic Starfighter is.

Yes its completely free flight! There are no rails.

As of yet, there is no joystick support so yes you fly with A,S,W,D + mouse and a few other buttons. Dont let that deterre you from trying it out though. It takes some time to get used to the controlls, but once you know them well enough, youll start enjoying the game for what it is! An epic free addition to SWTOR!

Its definately not P2W. The upgrades you can buy sure give you a small edge, but thats it. If you cant aim, constantly fly into obsticles (ive done this quite some times), don't know when to fight, when to run or don't know how your ship is supposed to fight, no ammout of upgrades will allow you to win.

A 2%-8% better turn rate wont let you win each dogfight, while it will certanly give you an edge over someone without it.

The only "big" upgrades are tier 5 of all main components and they are quite expensive. Even then, a skilled pilot may defeat you. Your blasters doing 18% more damage to the hull or shields will make a difference, but how much of a difference? Maybe 1-2 less shots required for a kill? You still have to hit all the other ones

Also, there is a Daily quest and a Weekly for GSF. Both reward Ship Requisition for all your currently available ships.
The Weekly also provided some Fleet Requisition on the PTS. So you already can boost your other ships with your primary and it doesnt cost a CC while providing you with additional options.

Skill is the most decisive factor in GSF. Just give it a try first and then find out for yourself!
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