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I agree with this quote from the dev blog so much.
Sorry, nevermind, I continued reading....

This obviously makes Fleet Requisition much more valuable. Players can use Cartel Coins to convert Ship Requisition theyíve earned on their ships into Fleet Requisition, effectively using their more powerful ships to twink their less powerful ships.
Umm... isn't paying to be twinked .... by definition.... pay to win? I mean, a twink is a character built to be more powerful than the average competition so that winning can be achieved with less skill. So how exactly is that not pay to win?

Itís important to note here that players will also get a small portion of their Ship Requisition converted to Fleet Requisition for free at the end of each battle, helping create a pool of Fleet Requisition for them to use.
A small pool? What is the non pay-to-win way to convert worthless ship req to fleet comms? If we wish to be competitive, are we supposed to deposit 25 cents to convert ship req after every few battles like we're playing an arcade machine? I suppose in the end it doesn't matter, since eventually everyone will cap, but non-pay to win players have an artificially long grind ahead of them.
Our philosophy here is that if a player puts in the time, itís up to them how they use that time. If you want to spend Cartel Coins to upgrade one of your other ships, or to keep upgrading the ship you earned that Requisition on thatís your choice.
I see a sentence about respecting players time. Something that suggests "dailys" so you still get some fleet comms if you don't have a lot of time. Next to that is a sentance about disrespecting the majority of players who desire a non-pay-to-win based system. The two thoughts are unrelated.
Ultimately, itís a question of time and weíre confident Galactic Starfighter is a fun, satisfying experience from the very start.
You're confident it's fun from the start? Yet I notice you are offering a paid option to skip that nasty "start" part.

There are other factors involved here as well. For instance, Subscribers and Galactic Starfighter Pass Holders will earn Requisition on their ships faster than Free-to-Play players. This is obviously allowing Subscribers to ďlevel upĒ faster than F2P players, but this is nothing new to our game and many others like ours.
The difference is that when one player levels up faster than another, the one leveling up faster doesn't get to keep all his level difference and beat the sith spit out of everyone in sight. The mere slight advantage of talent trees created enough of a problem in balance that level brackets had to be created in spite of bolster. GS has no such mechanism allowing significant difference in strength between ships and slaps a payment based level system on top of that.

I hope that gives some insight into our thoughts

I hope this gives you some insight into my thoughts as well.
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