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We had to avoid Pay-to-Win
Restrictions on Power & Pay-to-Win
I put these two points together because to me they feel very similar in their impact. I think it’s self-evident as to why they’re bad for a community of players, especially in a F2P game. Both create a sort of caste system based on the “haves” and the “have nots.” Both create jealousy. And moreover, both create resentment towards us, the developers.

What this game should be about is pitting your dogfighting skills against your enemies; how you strategize and use the environments to overcome the enemy; how you learn to use your abilities at the right time. Asking you to give us money in order to be more powerful and to gain an unfair advantage over an enemy undermines that desire.
I agree with this quote from the dev blog so much.

I just want to say it's awesome TOR won't have the cartel-coin fleet-comm conversion!

This is the best news I've heard regarding starfighter. I really feel like our feedback in beta was really listened to.

I am just so thankful that won't be in the patch tomorrow, and I want to thank Bioware for removing the terrible pay-to-win options that were available in beta. Specifically, the use of cartel coins to create Fleet-comms out of our wealth of worthless ship-req.

Best. News. Ever.
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