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An interesting way to look at it, but you could always make another level 1 character to stay in a bracket longer. The players in each 'bracket' are probably going to have about the same skill level, just better gear. I also wouldn't consider it a real 'bracket' system, anyways. It's not like "if you have spent X amount of ship requisition on this character, but not Y amount, you are in bracket 2". It's probably similar, but I doubt you can definitively say "This character of mine is in bracket 2, this character is in 4" and so on.
The devs said there was matchmaking, but didn't give specifics as to the weight given to gear or skill, but the key phrases I took from the article were:

We literally wanted to make the pool of players as large as possible, so everyone from level 1 to level 55 will queue together, taking into consideration how developed your ships are (yes, our matchmaking system will attempt to put beginning players with beginners, and more advanced players with each otheróthatís the simple version).
What this game should be about is pitting your dogfighting skills against your enemies; how you strategize and use the environments to overcome the enemy; how you learn to use your abilities at the right time. Asking you to give us money in order to be more powerful and to gain an unfair advantage over an enemy undermines that desire.
Our philosophy here is that if a player puts in the time, itís up to them how they use that time. If you want to spend Cartel Coins to upgrade one of your other ships, or to keep upgrading the ship you earned that Requisition on thatís your choice.
So, my understanding is that Mo$ (Sub, Pass, or CC) "just" gets you faster access to the full array of ships and upgrades GS has to offer.
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