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"free' players technically have an advantage, as they presumably stay in each bracket longer, and thus have more experience using the tools available at that bracket.
An interesting way to look at it, but you could always make another level 1 character to stay in a bracket longer. The players in each 'bracket' are probably going to have about the same skill level, just better gear. I also wouldn't consider it a real 'bracket' system, anyways. It's not like "if you have spent X amount of ship requisition on this character, but not Y amount, you are in bracket 2". It's probably similar, but I doubt you can definitively say "This character of mine is in bracket 2, this character is in 4" and so on.

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I'd also like to know about this. Are we actually going to be able to fight? Like we were able to in Battlefront or are we just in for a ride to click for 5 minutes? I want to be able to blast away whoever I want whenever I want. I want Dogfights.
I don't understand how you would not know this. If you use the forums or the dev tracker, you likely use Dulfy or would have seen gameplay elsewhere. Or checked out the PTS? The answer to your question is 'yes', it's just the origin of your question that I find confusing.
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Negative language gets you disqualified? Oh I'm sorry, please wait while I contact your local 'safe space'