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While I have nothing against subscribers increasing in power faster than no subscribers, i.e. those that pay to play will have an advantage over those that don't it seems odd to have made such a big deal of pay to win being bad and restrictions being bad. I pay money I will advance quicker than someone that doesn't pay so my ship will have a better load out than theirs with better crew skills. Surely that is pay to win even if there is nothing wrong with it you can't in one sentence say pay to win is bad and then say paying customers will have an advantage.
The difference between subscribing and P2W is that there are only two levels: Subscribed, and not subscribed. You paid, and you're progressing faster than someone who isn't, but the difference is that with P2W there are unlimited levels. You might pay $100 a day to level your ships quickly, but someone else has more money and is paying $500 a day and pounding you out of the sky. Suddenly it's no longer a game about ships and fun, it's a gauge of how loaded you are in real life. That's the difference.
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Negative language gets you disqualified? Oh I'm sorry, please wait while I contact your local 'safe space'