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I don't get the problem from F2P and P2P, we pay for the game so we should get more out of it. I'm tired of people complaining because we get more because we pay. you should get what you pay for and if your not paying then you shouldn't get certain perks. Don't be ungrateful because your not contributing.
You are so wrong I don't know where to start, so:

1) EA/BW created the different "levels" -- Sub, Preferred, and F2P. It's their company, they chose which customers get which rights. As for-profit companies, I assume EA/BW is comfortable with the contributions made by their customers. So it's so not your business (literally) to tell people they are ungrateful and not contributing.

2) Currently, only Subs get to post in the Forums, so any complaints you may have heard here are by your Peers (capitalization intended, Your Majesty).

3) There are a lot of games that claim to be 'F2P' but are really P2W. Most 'complaints" I hear on these forums are from a fear that SWTOR might become P2W, not that it already is. Since many Subs (currently your paying Peers) intend to play this game for a while, and since the world is occasionally random and harsh, current Subs do have a legitimate interest in how the game works for F2P or Preferred as not everybody can predict what the future will bring. I.e., how a now-Sub will be treated in the future may affect a now-Sub's decision to renew (not cancel).

4) F2P and Preferred players arguably contribute just by playing -- do you like seeing empty planets? Do you like PVP, FPs, or OPs? Queue up for some and let us know if they always pop immediately, soon enough, or if you wish there were more people queued up and ready to play with you when you are ready. Or just check the relevant forums.
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