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Back in the day, when the average human life span was <60 and having more than 3 children was standard procedure. But times have changed, you see. In most countries, anyway.

But Ahsoka is like 16 in season 5, right? It could be worse. Other than, you know, the fact that googling her name for pictures results mostly in images with a more or less... erotic aspect. Sometimes, I forget what a weird place the internet is
Exactly, that's my point - there is nothing biologically wrong with an adult having any level of attraction to a teen or even a pre-teen - but because society no longer operates that way its been labelled as such. When in actual fact, the latter is probably more likely. In fact it doesn't even make logical sense, a 16 year old finding a 16 year old attractive is fine - heck its encouraged - but say a 30 year old? Morally abjectable! Why exactly?*

But I think what one guy said is right, she's a cartoon and not necessarily an accurate portrayal of a 16 year old. She's also a Togruta which doesn't exactly help. In reality she could be 18, or older.

But why should we care? Because society tells us we should? To hell with that I say.

Anyway not really relevant topic, but hey I find this an interesting discussion.

*because a relationship between an 16 year old and 30 year old is against the law, and suggests all kind of things like rape, young parenting etc. but we forget that while the rules of society change, our biological makeup doesn't.

EDIT: Furthermore, what right or authority does anyone have to say who you can and cannot find attractive? it just gets more and more bizarre the deeper down the rabbit hole you go. Its almost frightening how much influence society can have on the way we think - to the point where we don't even realise it.