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12.02.2013 , 06:28 AM | #72
Lol this thread, kinda funny to read. Keep coming back to it just for lols.

I mean Satele Shan? Really?

I agree with Selenial that Ventress is undeniable sexy, but at the same time she's terrifying and certainly not my type. That said, ol Obi Wan Kenobi clearly has a thing for her.

And yes I do think Ashoka Tano is attractive so your just going to have to deal with that, that said I could probably quite easily get away with dating here () but anyway I didn't walk into this seedy hive of hedonisim to say that I just came on to point out the very modern outlook on the whole "Ashoka's only a teen" buisness.

People seem to forget that back in the day girls would get married as young as 12 and probably have children not long after that (and I dare you to guess what age the men were) - and in all seriousness our biological makeup and what not would imply that that is more natural than what we do now. Yes we should have a knee jerk reaction when we here about pre-teens doing this that and the other but not because its "unnatural" and all the rest, but because they are not mature enough to take on that responsibility.

But people forget that and now just think its weird, which is kinda funny. Cause your all caught up in yee'z modern morales! Anyway I'm not going to make a list because I'm mature and don't treat women like objects. So there.

P.S. What not and this that and the other are indeed my ways of protecting you kiddies from inappropriate language. Don't do drugs.

P.P.S Ashley Eckstein is 32, so she's kinda the one who should be ashamed.