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12.23.2011 , 08:21 PM | #5

Well, I can't get CyberTech above 65 on my lvl 43 BH.

Yet thanks to Underworld Trading, I have a dozen ArmorTech and Synthweaving schematics sitting in my vault.

I foolishly chose CyberTech as RP for Mako, before I fully understood how "limited" you are in your crafting in TOR.

Now I'm thinking of switching to ArmorTech.

I maxed out Fallen Earth's crafting in under 2 months (that's bragging) but this TOR crafting has been unintuitive and tiresome, and that's as diplomatic as I can put it.

EDIT: all those Synth and Armor tech schematics? They're all the brown prototype plans.

Tracer Missile wasn't even close to a Merc's most powerful attack.
Suckwads spammed it, other suckwads lost to it.
Most apparently didn't even know they had an interrupt. Smart nerf, BW!