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Nice try, but that's not what I'm saying. I don't want them to rush anything, other than basic necessity type stuff. I WANT them to take the time, especially since the release is out and after things are running more smoothly.

The most important thing I notice is simply the direction that they are thinking for the game. Yes it's their game, they should know best, but that is not always the case. It is always too late by time these things are noticed in time. That is why we want to see the Bioware directors have a very smart vision for success as a MMORPG in this days market. I'm not saying that they can't or won't find success because I'm only making a educated prediction here. At launch it's pretty clear that PvP and Mega-Social institutions are not priority, and that accounts for a very big chunk of people subscriped right now.
Last sentence... Oh god another "I SPEAK FOR THE MAJORITY SHUT UP ALREADY" post.

You think that solid world PvP is a "NECESSITY".
Its not. By ANY MEANS.

Its actually an Add on. Im not going to say what others think because i honestly dont know. For me though, i would rather have the CURRENT game being polished off, all the bugs ironed out and just have the experience a bit more smoother.
That for me is a Necessity.

No PvP isnt a priority. They already said that. They are more concerned with having the game running properly for the next couple of weeks.

And im sorry... You dont want them to rush out with PvP updates?
You then post a thread commenting on EXACTLY that. That instead of them bringing out big updates for PvP straight away in the first patch they are bringing out a little extra content for PvE. OH DEAR GOD WHAT WILL WE EVER DO.

Quote: Originally Posted by WLpride View Post
Perhaps you guys need to see what happens in terms of realistic feedback from your players. Perhaps you need to listen to the threads demanding Planet PvP. Perhaps you need to listen to the players demanding more living and breathing Planets with more interactable and larger social areas. Perhaps not, who knows, we will see what the real population majority wants. We will see if that really matters to the maker of Bioware-EA MMORRG.
For the love of god, show me this "Majority" of people SCREAMING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD for World PvP? Im fair, so i will accept 500000 posts (All from different people) which is just under half of the "Majority".
There isnt a "Majority" SCREAMING for PvP worlds.
There is a MINORITY of Level 50s who have skipped every piece of content to max level and are now CRYING because they are "Amazing" PvPers in WoW, CS:S etc etc who NEED To prove their E-Pen or they will literally curl up and cry themselves to sleep.

Seriously, PvP does NOT come above any kind of bug fixes.
If you want a severly bugged PvP with new PvP content every stupid week then go back to WoW.