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But, I am also sure that unless BW makes an outfit that looks exactly like this, most people in this thread will never be satisfied.
And why would that be so bad? ... You know, to actually give the customers what they want ... or would you rather that BW just keep producing great winners such as Czerka Corporate shirt or craptastic sets from Alderaan. There has to be at least a half a dozen other noble families from Alderaan that deserve their moment in the sun.

Aside from the lore outfits, I suspect that the Valiant & Eradicator sets are the two most popular. I wonder why??? Let's see no extraneous tubes or shoulder accoutrements. Belts inside the outer cloak. The pants do not look like they are painted on and leave a little bit to the imagination.

I currently wear Relnex on my guardian because it's probably the closest I will ever get to the look that I would like to wear. But as I stated in my previous post that set has some important short-comings. From a pure aesthetic standpoint, Valiant & Eradicator are much more appealing and much better designed armor sets.

But no, I'm sure that you are right. BW should keep on producing sub-standard products for the CM. I'm sure that will lead to a very healthy game in the long run.
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