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1) The pants are WAY TOO TIGHT. By far my biggest objections.
I know this or a similar problem from DDO : The pants (and most of the body-tight armor anyway) is modelled so ... tight that someone in the DDO forums came up with the expression that it looks like a condome.

Perhaps this "tightness" that the pants were translated into the German-language client of SWTOR not as "Hosen" (plural form of Hose = "pair of trousers", we don't use a "pair" of it in the German language, we see it as 1 piece of clothing, therefore "Hose" is a singlular form, whereas "Hosen" is the plural form used for several pairs of trousers) but instead as "Gamaschen" (here, only a plural form exist, as far as I know), which is an more accurate yet ancient woird no-one uses nowadays because in RL no-one is making Gamaschen anymore. Look here for Gamaschen : ( oops, it indeed has a singular form ! )
Wikipedia translates them as "Gaiters".

But in fact, most trousers in SWTOR look rather like superman-costume trousers ...
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