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I don't understand people such as yourself that are so opposed to a simple request. BW's business model is to make money with the CM. Since they pledge to keep the CM items cosmetic, does it not make sense to you for them to add items that are being heavily requested?

All of the "traditional" Jedi outfits that BW has put in game have issues with them that people such as myself find objectionable. For me there are three issues:
1) The pants are WAY TOO TIGHT. By far my biggest objections.
2) Belt outside of the outer robe
3) Short sleeves.
I just don't understand why some people are so adament to get exact replicas of the movie outfits in-game.

You can easily make your own jedi outfits that are very similar to the movie ones.

As for your points:
1) You don't have to wear tight pants. You don't have to wear pants at all really. (also, the movie outfits have semi-tight pants, sure not skin-tight, but still not baggy pants. And they are tucked into the boots so all you basically see is the knee)
2) yeah, must be rough on you having that belt outside the robe...
3) Also, pretty nitpicky (like the 2 first points).

To compare to the other classes, if these 3 points are your main complaints, then you got off easy.
The other classes have nowhere near the ability to look like their "role models" from the movies.
You try to get a decent looking Boba/Jango Fett, Clone Trooper or Smuggler.
Good luck.
I'll be able to pick out 10 things that are hugely different from the movies on each one.

The reason I even comment on these demands (because they are not requests, they are pretty much demands) is because they are so damned petty.
Seriously. Listen to yourselves for a second here.

"The pants are too tight. The sleaves are too short. The belt is on the outside of the robe."
I'm surprised you arent complaining about the boots being too short too since obi-wans boots go all the way up to the knee.

Do you really need to create a clone of the jedi in the movies to be able to enjoy the game?
If you do, then there is something seriously wrong here.
I see people playing bounty hunters, smugglers, troopers and sith without feeling the need to look exactly like they did in the movies.
They are satisfied with looking pretty close but still different.
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