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Everyone complains that there are certain things "Not complete" with this game, Nodes, UI Interfaces etc etc. (Im not disagreeing, ive encountered them too but its nothing game breaking)
So why are you trying to make them "Rush out" with massive updates?
Surely getting a flashpoint/extended op/new Warzone every month up to say... the 6th month when they have a massive patch and release a BIG update is better than absolutely no content until the 6th month when they release loads and loads of stuff.
Nice try, but that's not what I'm saying. I don't want them to rush anything, other than basic necessity type stuff. I WANT them to take the time, especially since the release is out and after things are running more smoothly.

The most important thing I notice is simply the direction that they are thinking for the game. Yes it's their game, they should know best, but that is not always the case. It is always too late by time these things are noticed in time. That is why we want to see the Bioware directors have a very smart vision for success as a MMORPG in this days market. I'm not saying that they can't or won't find success because I'm only making a educated prediction here. At launch it's pretty clear that PvP and Mega-Social institutions are not priority, and that accounts for a very big chunk of people subscriped right now.