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11.28.2013 , 11:03 AM | #1
As the title says I cannot login. I am wondering if there is a outage or am I going to have to waste my double XP Thanksgiving re-downloading and reinstalling the game?

Allow me to preface by saying I was last logged in about 10 hours ago without problem. At first I was getting the "Network Error. Check your internet connection". My Internet connection was and is working fine. I'm posting this on the same computer.

I tried to run the repair which didn't even seem to register. I ran the FixLauncher.exe without success. I then downloaded and ran the setup again. After this I seem to have an older version of the launcher that isn't updating itself (it asks for my email address or trial account name) and when I try to login it just tells me the login service is down.

I tried deleting the settings folder in AppData\Local but when that failed I restored it.

I have gone ahead and disabled my firewall and setup exceptions in Bit Defender but I have been playing without these things for quite some time now. I excepted the entire SWTOR folder just for sake of being thorough.


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