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11.28.2013 , 10:48 AM | #119
Don't you people get it already?

It's been 2-years since this game launched, and it's become totally obvious why this isn't in yet: They don't want it in. They don't care that the players have been asking for it. All that matters is that they don't want them. They want big shoulder-pads, they want spikes, they want bright blinking lights all over the place, they want backpacks, MORE BACKPACKS!!!!!!

There is a video on youtube of some G4 reporter taking a tour of BW Austin and they showed her this entire wall covered with pictures of armors. Just think about how much work went into creating and entire wall of armors with huge shoulderpads, backpacks, spikes, and animal-helmets......And people wonder where 6-years of development went wrong.....

The irony is that when half the programmers and staff lost their jobs after subs tanked, I bet the artist all kept theirs. Explains why there's been no change in direction since launch. Just more of the same ---- all the time.
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