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Yes because 4 days into a new game just released and they are in the position to release "Massive updates" like World PvP and Space Combat PvP.

The bottom line is this, if they had big updates already they would have released it with the game on the 20th.

How about this.
Everyone complains that there are certain things "Not complete" with this game, Nodes, UI Interfaces etc etc. (Im not disagreeing, ive encountered them too but its nothing game breaking)
So why are you trying to make them "Rush out" with massive updates?
Surely getting a flashpoint/extended op/new Warzone every month up to say... the 6th month when they have a massive patch and release a BIG update is better than absolutely no content until the 6th month when they release loads and loads of stuff.

The simple thing is this, this is an online game, its not a SP where its easy to fix the stuff thats broken, a rolling MMO has a lot more difficulties.
Have you seen WoWs weekly updates? Fixing like 100 bugs a week?

From what ive seen on here so far, im updating every day because BW are fixing key bugs (The taris bug sorted yesterday) and on tuesdays (Their patch day) they are fixing all the rest of the bugs that arent "Game breaking".

How about you relax, get on with the game and worry about new additional content when it is released. And how about this, you sample the games current content first before worrying about new stuff?
Even in 10 days you honestly cant say you have done EVERYTHING this game has to offer? Have you got 16 50s? Have you picked up all the Datacrons? Have you completed every single Operation in the game? Valour 60?

No i didnt think so.
Give them time and they will deliver. This isnt Blizzard or Jagex we're talking about (Customer service has always been shocking). This is Bioware and Star wars Nerds from Lucas arts coming together to create this game. They arent in it for their paychecks. They are more passionate than most Game Devs.

I have faith in them and so should you. They havent done anything as of yet to show otherwise IMO.

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Ill just copy here my post from Sneek Peek thread:

[I]"I dont think that new Instance and Raid is this that SWTOR needs in first big update.
I wouldnt consider a new Operation and Flashpoint their first "Big Update".
Its a extra content patch. Nothing more.
Hell, im gonna go out on a limb here and say i consider WoWs "Big updates" to be BC, WOTLK and Cata?

I'd be quite eager to know if BW and Lucasarts will branch into Expansions for this game.