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Hi folks, I'm from the french server "Battle Meditation" and I totally agree with this post:

where are the Jedi robes I expect for ages ?

I'm mostly a films fan (The Star Wars extended universe is quite obscure to me, sorry), and I'm still wondering why SWTOR is full of ugly (and desperatly hooded) outfits which make the Jedis looking as some kind of "Space Ivanhoe" mixed with World of Warcraft knights style.

I mean, we have planets, warzones, flashpoints, spaceships, funny emotes and stuff, but not propers Jedi robes and it makes me wondering if it's a technical/copyright problem to add them in the game.

So PLEASE, I'll be REALLY happy to have this:

instead of this:

thank you very much
It is "full of" that stuff and not the "traditional" robes becase this takes place 3600 or so years before the movies.
Fashion changes.
It is like asking for hoodies and jeans in a game that takes place in ancient rome.
Ok, so maby that is an extreme, but to think that jedi have dressed exactly the same for over 3000 years is kinda silly...
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