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Ok so there are 2 panels underneath the platform ( I do not understand why I was unable to see the 2nd one before ). The 2nd panel DOES indeed kill the flow of electricity to the platform floor above and you will now be able to access the control panel above which drops the red laser fields ahead. Defeat the enemies ahead and then defeat Stangg and click on the control panel afterwards and you are done.
Thank you so much for the info, I was having a difficult time with this part of the quest. I found entrance/instance by looking for any very narrow openings, Yes, I did go around in circles for about an hour, gave up and came back the next day and found it; so well very well hidden. If any of you ever having problems with this mission on Quesh, you can contact me VannaNeko in games mail. I will gladly guide you through that part on Quesh. The Bastion server.