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Ill just copy here my post from Sneek Peek thread:

"I dont think that new Instance and Raid is this that SWTOR needs in first big update.

Im was very happy that daspite this that i find this game HEAVILY based on WoW i found it also COMPLETELY different in gameplay style that WoW.

Sad thing that Bioware will follow very bad game expanding path... new instance after new instance (and raiding stuff) plus one cap increase addon per 2 years.


Srsly guys... basides this that YOU CANT BEAT WOW BY SERVING MORE WOW you dont have other ideas?
Im really eager to see more storytelling, more planets, more fluff stuff, legacy system, REAL SPACE COMBAT not minigame, less linear quest paths, expanded player housing, expanded crafting (especially missions - they are boring lolz) NOT NEW FLASHPOINT (exciting! 1H OF GAMEPLAY THEN BORING FARM STATUS) and "oh look i have this Tier 678 Shoulders from generic raid boss XXX".

Just stick to things that makes this gme UNIQUE and FUN not generic instanced content that i play in RIFT, WOW, etc... and endless gear hunt.

Im not prophet but i think if you (bioware) will stick with adding flashpoints and vertical (tiered) content that will be abandoned right after next patch this game will fail like many before that follow this path (besides WoW ofc) and you pretty an handcrafted world will be ghost town as soon as players hit 50 and stic to "new flashpoint".

Bottom line.... new Flashpoint? Dissapointing and honestly (and sadly) predictable.


Add heavy instancing, almost no World PvP bacause of these instancing and i clearly see another WOW copycat failure.
It will be just like RIFT - great Themepark MMORPG with cool new features completely wasted by focusing on tiered content upgrades that nobody cares after 1 week with endless gear hunt, fucusing on hardcore endgame raid-farmers minority, community destroying features like crossrealms LFG and poor technical execution (INSTANCING).

Dont go that way Bioware - as i say... you cant beat WoW by being like WoW.