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Besides the border and SWTOR logo what sort of post-production work do you do on your screenshots?
Well because the screenshots are not able to capture the vibrant in-game colors (for some reason they always turn out a little brighter than the game actually is), I often adjust both the "contrast" and "saturation" so the pictures look closer to what it really looks like in my game

On rare occasions the lighting can cause the shot not to properly reflect the actual light in the in-game environment in question, in such cases I will also adjust the "hue"

The 3rd thing I do is direct editing, such as look for bad clipping in the models, as there are so many combinations in both weapons and armor parts it is impossible for SWTOR to make all the equipment work seamlessly together, in most cases it is the weapons that can cause problems, where they will protrude through the cloth / armor.

The editing also involve removing things like the companion affection gain pop-ups during conversations, or the conversation "wheel" pops-up at just the same second as the character makes a funny face, I usually avoid these pop-ups by restarting the conversation with the HUD toggled off, but in some cases it's not possible to capture the same exact shot and I'll just edit out the pop-up afterwards instead

But whenever I do these edits it is always very important to me not to give people a false or misleading impression of how the game actual looks and I never edit anything in a way that will make things like armor combinations look better or much more seamless than they really are, only in very rare situations where the characters use animations exclusively seen in cut-scenes (kneeling, acrobatic attack and such) will I edit things to cover up protruding bits and pieces, they don't reflect animations that you might see during the general game-play, so I usually feel comfortable editing these

Example of both "contrast", "saturation" and editing (the images are not identical, but the problem areas were the same):

In this case the armor is showing allot of clipping because the character has his arms crossed, which is primarily a cut-scene animation, so I think it's fair to edit it (WIP edit)
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