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Yeah, to hell with the arena. Could just be a big empty box for all I care.

More Huttball!

I was hoping for BIO announcing 'UnRanked Arenas have been removed' .

UnRanked Arenas:
Not balanced at all. (The , 30-54 ones.)
No functionable Team set up (4 DPS LvL 30s vs 2 Healers 1 DPS 1 TANK 50s + , Gl.)
I got the idea of this being called *Arenas* , but the maps are way to small (At least from a PvP perspective.)
Small amount of Credits/Xp/MDs (Fights way to 'short' or unbalanced as .... )

Ranked Arenas , are fun . Equal , balanced , team set up same as UnRanked , but that s fine.

I could say lot more , but 'Not like somethings going to change' , so wasting my time for nothing , nty.
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