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Quote: Originally Posted by LordMirr View Post
what would trooper/bh's and smug/IA's get then?
This mount is intended for Force-sensitive users, only. And still, there's plenty of mounts for everyone else. In a Star Wars universe, it makes sense that the Force-user can self-propel at immense speeds while their non-Force-user companion rides along in a bike of some sort.

If you're that concerned, though, I figure Bounty Hunters can actually use the jets they're so iconically known for.

Quote: Originally Posted by Uber_the_Goober View Post
Rocket Boots that don't run out after 18seconds
Something to that effect.

Rocket Boots don't make sense to me, though. A Jedi, a smuggler, anyone who's not a Bounty Hunter shouldn't have them. It's supposed to be a legacy item? Your father was a bounty hunter who passed down these rocket clothes that run out after 18 seconds? There is so much more potential the legacy system can provide, but no, anyone randomly has bounty-hunter-like gear.

This "Self-Propulsion" mount can be an "adaptive" mount, meaning speed depends on your speeder piloting level. Again, I envision it's for Force-users only. The only exception is the Bounty Hunter and their jets that remain so unused. If people really want it to be universally-accessible, then a clever propulsion will have to be thought up for each class.

Actually, an idea I just thought up for Smugglers: They're supposed to be lucky law-dodgers, right? And sometimes they just need to hightail it out of there. Perhaps their self-propulsion can represent that. When you need to flee like the hounds of Hades are after you, you flee like there's no tomorrow. Thus, their self-propulsion can be a wild flee-looking animation. As in arms thrown up in the air as they run at 90%-110% their normal speed. While idle, they have their hands on their knees as they're bent over, breathing heavily.

I suppose that's rather goofy, but if everyone insists on self-propulsion being available to all classes, a proper animation will have to be considered for each class.