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11.26.2013 , 01:17 PM | #1
The fact mounts are in this game means you're willing to let players move 90%-110% their normal speed outside of battle. So here's a simple idea: A mount only usable by Force-users. A mount that's not even a mount, you activate it like one when out of combat, but the player just takes a long pose when idle, and sprints along at 90%-110% their normal speed. I imagine a sprinting action similar to Jedi sprints seen in Battlefront II. Long strides and feet so lightly bouncing off the ground.

A "mount" like this can simply be available in an upcoming Cartel pack, and I feel it would certainly give a real Jedi (or Sith) feel to the player. Just treat it like any other mount, call it Force Sprint, acquire and unlock it, add it to your vehicles tab, and you can toggle it on an off outside of battle just like all the other mounts in this game.