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So they're essentially bolting an entirely new game onto SWTOR--one that is the closest thing to a sequel to the X-Wing / TIE Fighter series that we've ever seen, one with an entirely new set of ship classes, one with an entirely new system for upgrading and customizing your gameplay experience, an entirely new combat system that is as much twitch based as it is RPG ... and you dare to say "there really isn't much new to this game". What in the WORLD would you consider new, if not this? What? Seriously, what?

I've been playing GSF in closed beta, then open beta, for the last two months. It is AMAZING. I'd pay $100 + subscription for it alone. Xbox One just came out. PS4 just came out. I might have cared, but GSF got to me first.
Meh, I was in beta as well, and what I've seen didn't blow up my skirt. Like I said, I'll give it a shot, and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I'm not holding my breath. it's definitely not something I would shell out $100 for.

Something new would be expansion on PVP - not talking about more WZ or arenas mind you. Or, addition of some sandbox elements. There are plenty of ideas on these boards and crowed about to death.
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